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Sleep Apnea study and treatment at home

We provide the best sleep apnea treatment services to our patients

Sleep apnea is diagnosed using a specialized test called cardiorespiratory polygraphy or home sleep study.

This test is conducted under medical prescription only and includes:

  • Testing of the patient within 24 hours.
  • Patients are tested within the comfort of their own home.
  • Results are analyzed following current AASM guidelines.
  • Quick turnaround times from diagnostics to patient results with a specialist.

To determine the necessity for a home sleep test, your doctor will question you about your sleep and awakenings, inquire about your medical history and conduct a physical examination.

Once you have your medical prescription in hand for the sleep study and you have made your appointment with Sleep Apnea Solutions, you will be seen for a 30-minute appointment by one of our qualified Respiratory Therapists.

During this appointment, you will fill out some medical questionnaires, the sleep study will be explained to you and the Respiratory Therapist will instruct you on how to use the sleep testing device for one night at home.

You will return the device to one of our clinics after which your study will be interpreted by a specialist.

How to prepare for a home sleep study

A home sleep study is a test often requested by a physician for suspected sleep apnea. A valid medical requisition is necessary to take this test. Speak to your doctor or dentist to prescribe a sleep study or cardiorespiratory polygraphy (PCRS). One of the advantages of this test is it is done in the comfort of your own home. This noninvasive sleep study measures many aspects of your sleep including snoring, heart rate, oxygen levels, body positioning, apneas and hypopneas providing the interpreting respirologist ample information to formulate a recommendation for you.

When you take the small device home (it weighs 25 grams) you will set up the testing device as instructed by your respiratory therapist and go to sleep in your bed as you usually do for one night. Then simply return the device back to Sleep Apnea Solutions to begin the process. You will see the specialist in two to three weeks for the results. A copy of your sleep study results will be sent to your doctor.


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