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At Sleep Apnea Solutions, our goal is to help our patients remain comfortable and compliant with their CPAP therapy. In order to maximize the therapeutic benefits of sleep apnea therapy, it is essential for patients to understand the importance of CPAP maintenance and the replacement of parts and accessories.
The life of CPAP supplies depends on the brand and style, the frequency of use, and how well a patient cares for the device. However, even with proper cleaning, parts can eventually grow bacteria and can cause the user to become ill if not replaced regularly. In addition, CPAP supplies, such as the mask, headgear, and tubing can degrade over time.

Masks and headgear tend to last 6 to 12 months depending on factors such as climate and cleaning methods. With constant use and routine cleaning, the mask becomes worn and less effective at preventing leaks, thereby interfering with proper treatment. In addition, dirty filters can cause dust and other contaminants to build up which over time may cause the CPAP to overheat and damage the motor.
Your private or group insurance may allow you to replace your mask, tubing and filters once every year and may allow replacement of your CPAP machine every five years.

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