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Having right CPAP Mask is very important for your CPAP therapy and Sleep Apnea Solutions team provides  the biggest variety of CPAP masks.

Selecting the perfect mask is a challenge. There are 3 CPAP mask types that will help you choose the best CPAP mask for you. Every CPAP mask type has pros and cons. Nasal CPAP Masks works best if you mostly breathe through your nose only, but not the best option for mouth breathers. Nasal Pillows Masks provide a feeling of freedom, which helps you sleep more comfortably but sometime cause discomfort when used under higher-pressure. Full Face CPAP Masks are great for mouth breathers, but due to the mask’s larger surface area they might be uncomfortable.

Sleep Apnea Solutions experts provides variety of services to our patients in helping selecting right mask for your CPAP therapy. If you need any advise, please call Sleep Apnea Solutions toll free 1-888-934-0727.

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