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Fisher Paykel Icon Premo CPAP with integrated heated humidifier

Fisher Paykel Icon Premo CPAP with integrated heated humidifier

Product Details

A valid prescription is required for the purchase of this product.

The Fisher & Paykel ICON+ Premo is the quality fixed-pressure CPAP with full compliance and efficacy reporting capabilities


  • CPAP Mask – 30-day exchange and 90-day warranty on the mask
  • Heated tubing available
  • 5-year warranty on CPAP and humidifier
  • Unlimited follow-ups with an SAS Respiratory Therapist

Key Features of the Fisher Paykel CPAP are

Simplified user experience including

  •    Simple mode 
  •    Stylish design
  •    Intelligent clinical technologies

Fisher Paykel CPAP are innovators 

ThermoSmart Technology the cornerstone of Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's humidification platform, and is compatible with each model of the F&P ICON family.

This technology includes an advanced humidification, that works to provide optimal humidity and reduce condensation.



• ThermoSmart™ Technology 
• SensAwake 
• Info Technologies


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Maxine Terrell (not verified) December 11, 2016

This sleep apnea product was extremely quiet, quieter than I expected. It's also very intuitive, straight-forward and easy to program. The built-in humidifier was also very handy. Amazing product for your Sleep Apnea treament!
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